Luseta Biotin Collagen Hair Mask – 16.9 oz


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Luseta’s Biotin Collagen Hair Mask is a powerful treatment designed for dry and damaged hair. This hair mask combines the benefits of biotin and collagen to strengthen, thicken, and revitalize your hair.

Biotin is known for fortifying weak hair and promoting thickness, making it an ideal ingredient for those seeking fuller and shinier hair. It helps reduce hair loss and increase hair thickness.

Additionally, this hair mask is infused with Argan oil, which offers excellent hydration and moisture for your hair. It works to repair, restore, and strengthen weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. This results in improved manageability and promotes natural hair growth and shine.

The formula is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, making it highly effective for various hair types, including permed, natural, and curly hair. It significantly improves hair condition and manageability.

For optimal results, apply the mask generously to damp hair after cleansing with Biotin & Collagen shampoo. Leave it on for up to 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Using this mask weekly can help you achieve healthier and more vibrant hair.

Moreover, this hair mask is color-safe, making it suitable for color-treated hair. It contains sweet almond oil, which helps seal in moisture, a vital component of the hair healing process.


  • Size: 16.9 oz
  • Contains Biotin and Collagen for Hair Strengthening and Thickening
  • Infused with Argan Oil for Hydration and Repair
  • Suitable for Permed, Natural, and Curly Hair
  • Color-Safe Formula
  • Weekly Use Recommended

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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